MSI: Direct Mail Marketing

MSI Marketing designs for the future. We have developed a powerful combination of marketing products, including direct mailing, printing and graphic design. These tools help our customer’s increase their sales. Utilizing advanced targeting techniques, we ensure that your advertising dollars are used in the most effective way possible.The overall effectiveness of our company’s techniques comes from our unique combination of cutting services with an adaptable marketing model. Our audience targeting system isolates specific customer groups based upon select criteria, including age, income, geographic location, purchase behavior, etc. Our multi-platform marketing techniques create a unified message that will be delivered to your prospective clients through print marketing and direct mailing. The effect is a synergetic marketing campaign that surpasses the individual services offered by would-be competitors. Specific methods can be applied to mount a successful campaign for any sized business, in any field or industry. From service-based companies (restaurants, repair, shopping), to IT and communication industries, and even organizations (political campaigns, non-profits, and government), MSI Marketing’s campaigns are an effective and flexible method to convey your message on the scale that you desire, tailored to your individual budget.

Our marketing solutions have benefited a wide range of industries and companies, spanning from Fortune 500 clients to smaller Mom-and-Pop businesses. Here at MSI Marketing, we look forward to helping you benefit from our innovation and talent. We provide marketing services for many industries including: HVAC, Solar, Construction, Political, Finance/Lending, Travel, Sports, Restaurants, Education, Retail, Non-Profits and many others. Contact one of our representatives for a consultation and to learn more about our services.